Extra Photos

Talking about success on and off the field at the pool party
Hard work makes you feel the love more!
Avery Long trying to keep balance after a hard fight for the ball
Can you spot who is on which team? Half the players exchanged jerseys!!
Your Gold Medal winners in the Level 5 Tournament of 5-on-5 Football
The hotel pool at night...being out here isn't so bad.
The gymnastics team leading our guys in USA cheers at the softball game
The guys found this boat on the beach near the hotel. Where are we rowing to?
After the softball game, the players participated in a skills test, and then watched this awesome soccer juggler.
After visiting the Festival Park, the team celebrated securing a spot in the gold medal match with dinner out! Coach Ken even let them drink a Coke!
After the Austria game, the team visited the Festival Park, at the complex where many of the Olympic events were held in 2004. If it doesn't look bustling to you, you now understand why these facilities are part of the government's debt problem.
Larry Mills splitting the Austrian defense
Separated at birth? Goalkeeper Alan Mills and TEAM USA administrator Minter Wills
One of the several Greek Orthodox Churches we pass every day on the way to the stadium
Terrell Nowlin pokes a shot through traffic against Canada

A little goalkeeper training before the Italy match. It worked, as Alan snuffed a breakaway in the game!
Larry Mills following his shot, but no rebound from the stellar Italian keeper
Wes Thompson sends the ball back into play with a long-distance kick-in
Searching for shells on the beach
Avery Long's alternative for walking on the cold tiles in Mary Lu's room!

Opening Ceremonies:
Looking backward as TEAM USA enters the stadium
Flying away on Mercury's winged chariot
The team (including Mary Lu!) seated at the Ceremonies. Nice shorts!
The Greek flag entering the stadium
Alex, our team assistant and translator for the Games. Very diligent, and a big fan of the team!

Rhodes to Athens (new pics added on 6/27):
Thursday, June 22-Friday June 23
The Muslim School, built in the 1800s on top of an old Catholic Crusader church
The Grand Master's Palace, home of the leader of the Hospitaller Knights who built the town
Sam Huffman trying to rearrange some Palace architecture

The guys enjoying the view from the Ferry just before arrival
Alan Hill showing that our windbreakers catch more wind than they break
Everyone in Greece rides a Vespa. And there just isn't any way to put a childseat on those things

From Rhodes:
Wednesday, June 22
Wes Thompson getting taped...but he played for the first time in a month! And scored!
Thomas Smith (near) and Terrell Nowlin (far) looking to head a kick-in against Ireland
Both teams posing after the match
Lindos Bay, as seen from the heights of the town.
A local keeping an eye on us
The team in Lindos, wearing our fine flag T-shirts
Walking the streets of Lindos. Even narrower than Rhodes!
Tuesday, June 21
Almost everyone had fun in the surf. Coach Ken even carried Alan on his back (for 2 seconds).
Part of the Polish contingent
A defense tower in Medieval Rhodes
The narrow cobbled streets of the city at dusk

The home of the Turkish ruler of the city in the 1700s
One of the many stores along the street. Mary Lu bought a local ceramic vase
Brandon Chan's use of a bidet