Thursday, June 2, 2011

Training Really Heats Up

Since practices went up to three times per week, the team has been improving rapidly. The proof is in the scores from scrimmages. The team lost to the St. Mary's College Women's Soccer team 8-2 on May 4, but then improved to a 6-3 defeat on May 11. On May 25, they played a local amateur team to a close 9-7 defeat. The next measurement comes on June 8, against members of the local Leonardtown High School team. Check out all the scores here. Notably, the squad has chosen not to scrimmage any Special Olympics teams in the run-up to the World Games, since they haven't lost to a Special Olympics team in eight years. But the competition in Greece will be at a whole new level, so the team is playing against very strong competition to prepare themselves.

The training schedule has been made even more difficult by soaring temperatures this week. However, Greek summers bring temperatures in the 90s as well, so every day of practice in that heat will prepare the team for playing games over there. In addition to heat, the team is also battling a couple of injuries. Wes Thompson's fracture of a small bone in his foot is progressing on schedule, and Steven Summerfelt's knee is also supposed to be ready for game action by the time the team lands in Greece on June 19. All systems go for Greece!